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Global Cooling

global-coolingI was bundling up to head out into the cold when a friend, Ed Riccuiti, a writer and former science editor, said “Remember how in the 70’s everyone was talking about the ice age we were heading into?” Wow! Now that he mentioned it, I did! At the time, I was in high school in Long Island, New York. Part of the reason the global cooling scenario stuck in my head was because it had inspired me to look into the last ice age. You know, to get a sense of what we were in for. It was then I learned that my home was sitting on a terminal moraine scraped about 20,000 years ago from the surface of what was to become my current home state of Connecticut. While I knew I would never be around to see this ice age, I wondered how my descendants would fare.

As the years passed, I heard less and less about the impending “big freeze”, to the point where I forgot all about it until that recent reminder. It turns out that while there was slight downward temperature shift from the nineteen-forties to the mid-seventies, only about ten percent of the climatologists saw it progressing to another ice age. Most of the talk was generated by the media (National Geographic and Time Magazine among them). It did make a good story. The shift to the current talk of global warming moved in like a racing glacier (which is still pretty slow). It’s sure picked up some speed in recent years, though.

Given the choice between global warming and global cooling, I’d opt for the latter. Why?

    You can pile more layers on, but there’s a limit to how much you can peel off.
    The Long Island Sound ice bridge would make it easier to visit my relatives in New York.
    Woolly Hippos! Can you imagine it?

Would the Ice Capades just be called the Capades?

Anyway… as far as global warming goes, it’s hard to deny that, yes, we’re warming up. I have an open mind to the possibility of it being helped along by humans. Some say it’s hubris to think people can actually change the climate of the earth. I’m not so sure.

But, man! I can’t help but temper my opinion on this with the realization that in a mere thirty years I’ve heard the trumpeting of both extremes!

Heading out now – have to take another stab at chipping away the ice in my driveway.


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