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God, I love the Internet. Ever get one of those nostalgia brainworms? You know, when you remember something, like a cartoon from your far past, but can’t recall much about it? It’s really more of a memory of the feeling you had while watching it. For years I tried to hunt down the details on a memory I had of an old black and white cartoon. It took place in outer space and had three main characters. My search queries would include these words:

    Spaceman on unicycle
    White on black cartoon (it sort of looked like it was done on scratchboard)

I couldn’t remember the third character.

So, that’s all I had. It was sort of a creepy show, probably had something to do with how young I was. What stuck out most in my mind was that little spaceman who flew with the aid of a single wheel he propelled with his legs. He was so alien-looking, and, I remembered, quick to lose his temper. He took me to a strange, uncomfortable, but compelling, place.

Well, I finally found the show! First of all, it wasn’t in black and white. I had neglected to factor in that our TV was black and white! Duh!

Colonel Bleep, with Scratch and Squeak

Colonel Bleep, with Scratch and Squeak

The show was Colonel Bleep! There’s even an Wikipedia page on it! When I saw that third, forgotten, character, it was a slap to the forehead. It was Squeak! I now remember him very well because I couldn’t quite understand what a cowboy marionette was doing as part of the trio. That the other character was a caveman didn’t bother me as much. Funny, where a child’s mind draws those lines of logic.

Nothing like a mystery solved. With this new information at hand, I was even able to watch some of the episodes on You Tube.

It’s pretty hokey by today’s standards, but it captivated me as a child. It did what it was supposed to do. When I look at the pictures, I’m taken back to the den in our home in Oceanside, NY, where a 5 year old boy was taken to outer space via a black and white Zenith television.

Thanks, Internet. Is there nothing you can’t do?


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